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At Physiokit, we go the extra mile in providing you with quality physiotherapy treatment.

Physiokit differentiates itself from others by offering in-house osteopathy and gym services literally all under one roof! Every journey with us consists of initial consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

Over here, you get to experience a mixture of consultation and expert advice from diverse perspectives for a quality-packed physiotherapy session. A renowned clinic in Singapore for twelve years since 2005, our unique and dynamic approach is tailored to help each individual achieve their goals while solving the most difficult pains.

Our Services


With You Every Step Of The Way

People of all ages and performance levels, or when movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors. Our physiotherapists are able to thoroughly assess our client’s condition and diagnose the problems before developing a treatment plan that takes their lifestyle, work and general health into account. In the process, help our clients develop, maintain and restore their maximum movement and functional ability to maximise their quality of life.

Both physiotherapy clinics are conveniently located in Orchard and in the East Coast of Singapore near Marine Parade.

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Assessment & Treatment

  • Assisting with healing, pain relief and movement
  • Identifying needs, promote skill development, independence in daily activities as well as recovery process, modification of tasks

Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation

  • Providing with home exercise programme to speed up recovery
  • Supervised in-house exercise programmes
  • Clinical pilates

Health Promotion & Disease prevention

  • Focus on lifestyle changes, return to sports
  • Heavy emphasis of health promotion and education

Common Conditions We Treat


Please contact us if you require advice or have any enquires on our services.



  • I went down to PhysioKit last week to see physiotherapist Olivia Xu for my knee. This is not the first time I am seeing a physiotherapist for my knee, but I must say Olivia did some very comprehensive tests. Olivia is a very dedicated physiotherapist, and she even went the extra mile to read my doctor's reports so as to better understand my situation. I am very confident to undergo therapy at PhysioKit, knowing that they have a bunch of passionate people.
    — Jeremy Tan
  • I recently visited PhysioKit to have my aching wrist looked at by the physio. After asking me some questions he quickly got a good view of what might be causing my wrist ache. Some further tests confirmed his suspicion. After the diagnosis he gave me a massage which immediately relieved some discomfort and increased the motion range of my wrist and hand. Then he taught me a few simple exercises for me to perform at home, so I can continue to further strengthen my wrist by myself. My experience with PhysioKit has been great.
    — Timothy Neimann
  • I saw Olivia at PhysioKit a week ago for pregnancy related back pain following a 13 hour flight. She did a fantastic job relieving pain in my back and limbs and was very helpful in recommending exercises I can easily do on my own to minimize pain and discomfort.
    — Siew Hua
  • I went to see Olivia 3 weeks ago for a neck injury from weightlifting. I was back in the gym within 3 days and managed to hit my previous record clean and jerk at a casual competition last Saturday! Can't say enough thanks!
    — Sarah Widjaja
  • Recovering from a pinched nerve (Brachial Plexus) C4-C6, that totally stopped me from benching, It feels really good to be able to bench again while I receive recovery therapy from Osteopath Marcus.
    — Andrew Johnson
  • Been struggling with knee pain over the last few months which had me struggling to play football/futsal as frequently as I used to. Broken man without the game as everyone knows! Popped over to see Shoban who helped me get back to playing football regularly again today! On the mend and getting better now- now to work on the conditioning! Thanks guys! Seriously worth a visit to check out the physios over there! They know their stuff! 
    — Emmanuel Gregory John
  • I can snatch again! Took 2 weeks off after a frightening back spasm and did some rehab and therapy with Olivia and PhysioKit. These guys are such a tremendous help, much love!  
    — John Cheah
  • I can tell you, Marcus Bernini is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable person I’ve met. To be able to compete on an international level even after having so many injuries treated by him, just shows how good he is!  
    — Hilman Haron, International rock climber
  • Have been having discomfort on by both knees, and decided to see a physiotherapist at PhysioKit. I had Shoban as my Physio, and he was very patient and thorough in assessing my knee. He troubleshooted my knee's problem, which was damaged meniscus, gave me a few exercises and my knees instantly felt better. Got home and did the same exercises advised by Shoban, and my knees have been feeling so much better. Haven't felt this way for my knees for the past few months.  
    — Steven Tanjung